Venus line

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New Venus line dares to propose to you slow driving not to rush through.

Venus line has been long loved not only by local people but also by many people nationwide as the driving road going through the highland since Showa era.

But for “New Venus line”, you will dare not to rush through it but get off your car and stay in the areas to be merged with the various natures of 4 seasons.
We will propose the ways to spend and enjoy your time not as on the “line” but on the “area”.

We who are living in this Venus line area…
Know that there are various natures of 4 seasons in this place,
Have lived slow lives being with various natures of 4 seasons in this place,
And know that we can be merged with various natures of 4 seasons in this place.

In spring time, we have enjoyed sprouting grasses from thawing snow, loved flowers in the highland and tasted mountain vegetables.
In summer time, we have walked on mountains or highland listening to chirping of birds, sweating refreshing sweat, adored sprouting natural water and tasted highland vegetables.
In autumn time, we have looked for mushroom, a blessing of the forest and enjoyed harvesting rice and new soba (Japanese noodle).
In winter time, we have been healed by the purest air or the sky filled with stars, skied on new snow, enjoyed the ice of lakes, and warmed up ourselves with firewood and hot spa, another blessing of the nature.

New Venus line represents us who live in the surrounding area,
Who know how to enjoy various natures of 4 seasons,
And who daily feel that we are very glad to have been born and bred here and been living here.

We will propose that…

You visit Venus line growing new for each season, from spring, summer, autumn to winter,
And enjoy this place for you to be merged with the nature together with us.

Slow Drive = Venusline
The place to be merged with various natures of 4 seasons