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What is Shinshu Venus line collaboration committee?

What is Shinshu Venus line collaboration committee?

Name of association
Shinshu Venus line collaboration committee
Chiyoichi Yanagidaira
Purpose of establishment
associations and institutes related to the highland area and surrounding area located in the center of Nagano-ken will collaborate to enhance the local brand and increase the participating population through creating broad sightseeing activities and industries unique to this area in a unified way, thus contributing to the local economies.
established in collaboration of cities alongside and near Venus line, sightseeing associations and Nagano-ken in Nov 2015.
1) ones concerning sightseeing and creation of industries, 2) ones concerning the formation of landscape and environment

Participating associations


Name Location Phone
Chino-shi (committee management office) Sightseeing / city development promotion division 2-6-1 Tsukahara Chino-shi Nagano-ken 0266-72-2101
Nagano-ken sightseeing department Sightseeing / visitor increase section 692-2 Habashita Minaminagano-aza O-aza Nagano-ken 026-235-7253
Nagano-ken Suwa area development center Business / sightseeing section 1-1644-10 Kamikakwa Suwa-shi Nagano-ken 0266-57-2922
Ueda-shi Takeishi area self-governing center industry / construction section 77 Kamitakeishi Ueda-shi Nagano-ken 0268-85-2828
Suwa-shi Sightseeing section 1-22-30 Takashima Suwa-shi Nagano-ken 0266-52-4141
Sightseeing / business section 745 Ashidayagano O-aza Tateshina-cho Nagano-ken 0267-55-6201
Nagawa-cho Industry development section 4247-1 Komachi Nagawa-cho Nagano-ken 0268-68-3111
Shimosuwa-cho Industry development section 4613-8 Simosuwa-cho Nagano-ken 0266-27-1111
Bigahara highland sightseeing committee Bigahara highland Takeishikamimotoiri Ueda-shi Nagano-ken 0268-86-2331
(Winter time 0268-85-2111)
Takeishi sightseeing association 77 Kamitakeishi Ueda-shi Nagano-ken 0268-85-2828
Generally incorporated association, Suwa sightseeing association 1-1662 Kamikawa Suwa-shi Nagano-ken 0266-52-2111
Chino-shi sightseeing association 2-6-1 Tsukahara Chino-shi Nagano-ken 0266-73-8550
(Sightseeing reception center 0266-72-2637)
Generally incorporated association, Tateshina Shirakaba highland sightseeing association 1045 Ashidayagano O-aza Tateshina-cho Nagano-ken 0267-55-6654
Shirakaba resort sightseeing association Lake Shirakaba Ashidayagano O-aza Tateshina-cho Nagano-ken 0266-68-3003
Shinshu / Nagawa-cho sightseeing association 2424-19 Komachi Nagawa-cho Nagano-ken 0268-68-0006
Shimosuwa sightseeing association 3289 Shimosuwa-cho Nagano-ken 0266-26-2102
Okaya-shi Business / sightseeing section 8-1 Saiwai-cho Okaya-shi Nagao-ken 0266-23-4811

【Supporting associations】

Name Location Phone
Matsumoto-shi Sightseeing hot spa section 3-8-13 Ote Matumoto-shi Nagano-ken 0263-34-8307
Okaya-shi sightseeing association 8-1Saiwai-cho Okaya-shi Nagano-ken 0266-23-4854
Nagano-ken environment department energy section 692-2 Habashita Mimaninagano-aza O-aza Nagano-shi Nagano-ken 026-235-7022
Eco-friendly sightseeing spots model business promotion committe 692-2 Habashita Minaminagano-aza O-aza Nagano-shi Nagano-ken 026-235-7022